Bun B Plans To Bring The West Coast “Back To Its Prominence”

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With his latest album II Trill currently in stores, southern rap pioneer Bun B kept it trill with SOHH about his thoughts on the state of hip-hop, collaborating with Kidz in the Halland his plans to bring the West Coast back.

A 20 year veteran of hip-hop, after surviving an era when making money from the genre was a struggle, Bun B says he can appreciate the current climate because artists are finally able to generate an income.

“The fact that this present generation was able to capitalize off the craft more than we ever were able to is a beautiful thing and it should be applauded,” Bun told SOHH. “Anybody who is mad about young people from the ghetto making money and doing something with their lives should be ashamed of themselves and to be honest they need they ass whooped. ”

Currently featured on the remix for Kidz In The Hall’s “Drivin Down the Block” along with Pusha T from the, Clipse and The Cool Kids Bun said he keeps it very simple when it comes to deciding when to collaborate.

I work with people that I feel make good music,” Bun explained. “I don’t get into personal politics because I don’t want anybody in my business like that.”

“I like Kidz in the Hall, I like what they were doing, it has nothing to do with where they are from or what people label them as,” he continued. “I think they are a talented group, I really like the song and I wanted to be a part of [it].”

As for divided rap fans who choose to champion one form of rap over another, Bun advised listeners to ease up.

“People make rap too personal, I see people do that all time and this shit will break your heart,” Bun told SOHH. “Hip-Hop don’t belong to nobody and as soon as you feel like it’s all about what you love, that’s when it shifts gears and goes to something other people love. ”

“You can’t get mad at hip-hop, it’s just the cycle of life,” he added. “The world is not meant to make you happy 24 hours a day 365 days a year you have to learn to be disappointed.”

With his native South thriving in hip-hop Bun also told SOHH he’d like to help bring talented West Coast artists to the forefront.

“I’m linking up with my man Nino Cap from LA starting up II Trill West with his Paper Chase Ent,” Bun revealed. “We are trying to bring the West Coast back to it’s prominence. With artists like Crooked I, Glasses Malone and Roscoe Umali, there is a lot more LA has to offer to the game and if I have the opportunity to bring back II Trill West I’m going to do that.”

II Trill is currently in stores.

Bow Wow- ‘The Next Will Smith’

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Although music has been the main focus of his career thus far, Bow Wow is determined to get his acting chops up to rival Will Smith.

According to Reuters, the 21-year-old rapper made the decision recently, and has joined the upcoming fifth season of HBO’s “Entourage” in a recurring role as a stand-up comic named Charlie.

Like Bow Wow, Will Smith became as a rapper, but parlayed his popularity into acting, which has certainly paid off.

“After 16 years in the music industry and six successful albums, I’ve decided to shift my energy to something else I’m passionate about, acting,” said Bow Wow. “I’m going to try to be the next Will Smith.”

Bow Wow is currently shooting in New Orleans for a film called “Patriots,” a sports drama about a high school basketball team in post-Katrina Louisiana. The film also stars Forest Whitaker and Isaiah Washington.

The young rapper has already begun to build an impressive acting resume, boasting roles in past films such as “Roll Bounce,” “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift,” “Johnson Family Vacation” and “All About the Benjamins.” And has recently wrapped the indie “Driving Lessons.”

Rocsi, BET’s slut

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Just days after 50 Cent outed “106 & Park” host Rocsi on D.C. radio, his G-Unit cohorts have decided to jump in on the action too.

While doing their radio promo run for Terminate On Sight, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo called into Minnesota radio station B96, where host Peter Parker and the Unit members discussed the recent rumors of Rocsi being promiscuous.

The host chimed in first, claiming he had four names of people he’s heard the female TV personality had allegedly slept with, and then dropped hints so Banks and Yayo could guess.

“See, 50 know four people, and I know ‘allegedly’ four people. These are all industry dudes, they aren’t like regular guys,” said Parker on the air. “First, one was a one hit wonder from New York. The second one was an underground rapper who just got dropped from Atlantic [Records]. The other two were NBA players — ex-Celtics players. One’s still in the league and one’s retired.”

“You’re talking about Mims,” replied Yayo.

“The second one is Saigon, right?” asked Banks.

While Parker didn’t confirm the G-Unit rappers’ guesses, he continued by saying that his research proves 50’s claims about Rocsi.

“Allegedly, she spit on everybody that helped her get into the game,” said Parker. “I went back and did my research. I’m calling BET today, calling D.C. today, everybody, doing research like ‘Yo, did she really spit on you like that?’ And he was like ‘Yep, yea she did.'”

“That just tells you what kind of person she is,” Yayo said in response, further noting that she could end up being outed on G-Unit’s upcoming Terminate On Sight album. “She’s definitely a pop.”

Parker then ended the conversation saying that the “106 & Park” host’s career is through. “She’s a dust bunny man,” he said.

Amy Winehouse Claiming Ghosts Are “Haunting Her”

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Amy Winehouse fled her home last night, claiming ghosts were trying to harm her.

The troubled 24-year-old singer says a poltergeist – who she has named Henry – is haunting her North London flat and is trying to harm her.

She has even attributed scratches on her arms to ghost attacks and is now refusing to return to her abode until her home is exorcised. Amy is temporarily staying at the Chelsea Harbour hotel.

A friend of the ‘Back to Black’ singer told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “She has a spare room in her house which she has been to terrified to redecorate because she believes a child died there. It has creepy aeroplane wallpaper and a weird feel to it.”

“Amy is terrified because she thinks he’s managed to take over the entire house and has brought bad spirits with him that are scratching and harming her.”

This is the latest in a string of bizarre incidents for Amy. Earlier this week, three strange internet films of her and rock star Pete Doherty were released, including one where the pair played with baby mice.

Meanwhile, Glastonbury festival organizers yesterday confirmed Amy will perform this year in a slot on the main stage on June 28.

Terrell Owens is ready to take on more TV jobs

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Fresh off his first sitcom role, Terrell Owens is ready to take on more television jobs. Just don’t look for one of them to be on “Dancing With the Stars.”

“They asked me to do that last year and I graciously declined,” Owens said. “I don’t need to get on national TV to show people I can dance. I do that 16, 17 weeks out of the year. I’ve been doing it all my career.”

Owens said he’ll save his ballroom dancing skills until he gets married, whenever that may be. He added that he hasn’t watched the ABC dancing show, skipping out on NFL star Jason Taylor this season and previous years featuring former Cowboys great Emmitt Smith and Owens’ former teammate Jerry Rice.

Besides, he’s more of a sitcom guy, as evidenced by his recent gig on “Under One Roof.”

He was so giddy to watch it — and, perhaps, so motivated to help the ratings — that he turned on every television in his house.

“I thought I was going to see something different (on different TVs),” he said, laughing. “I had some friends over watching it. Everybody said I did pretty good.”

Those words were hardly out of T.O.’s mouth when teammate Tank Johnson walked by and mockingly shot back one of Owens’ lines, an indication he was tuned in, too.

“I think I surprised a lot of people with my performance,” Owens said. “For me, I feel like I can act. That’s what I want to do. If I wasn’t really comfortable with it and didn’t think I could really do it, then I wouldn’t have done it.”

Owens said he grew up watching “Good Times” and “The Cosby Show,” but as a budding thespian he feels there’s room to grow. He mentioned having hung out recently with his pal Jamie Foxx, and noted the success of The Rock, a former college football player. He said some friends are teasingly calling him “Denzel.”

“I think comedy was a good start,” he said. “I don’t really see myself limiting myself just to comedy.”

Winehouse denies plans for drug rehab in Israel

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Troubled star Amy Winehouse has dismissed reports that she will be traveling to Israel for drug addiction treatment.

The ‘Back to Black’ singer, who was recently photographed apparently smoking crack cocaine, was allegedly planning to undergo a 6,400 pounds operation to kick her well-documented habit.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, the treatment was to take place at the Barzilai Medical Centre following a request from the 24-year-old singer’s representatives.

Her management has dismissed the report as “nonsense”, however, Eliezer Cohen, the chairman of the Israel Anti-Drug Authority, told the newspaper: “They spoke to a renowned Israeli institution and an Israeli professor who conducts a very special and effective method.”

“She has requested to come to him to do this method, since it’s a method that is suitable for her,” the Telegraph quoted Cohen, as saying.

Patients undergoing the treatment are put under anaesthetic for up to six hours while doctors block the opioid receptors in the brain and nervous system in an attempt to prevent further cravings.

Dr Andre Waismann, who was reportedly to carry out the treatment, said: “All of my patients are discharged healthy and no longer dependent. There is a misunderstanding about drug addiction. People think it is a social and psychological problem, but it’s a neurological problem.

“Whether it’s Amy Winehouse or anyone else, it is a privilege to be able to treat anyone who is opiate-dependent, and allow them to live a normal life.” (ANI)

Rep: Usher Split Rumor “Completely False”

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Usher and his wife Tameka Foster are not separating.

TheYBF.com reported Thursday that the R&B crooner had filed for separation from his wife of nine months.

“It’s 100% not true,” Usher’s manager Benny Medina tells Usmagazine.com.

“Usher and Tameka are currently traveling in Europe together as a family on his promotional tour in support of his album Here I Stand, available May 27,” he added. “This rumor is completely false.”

The pair confirmed their August 2007 nuptials exclusively to Usmagazine.com

“It was beautiful and private,” Usher gushed to Us. of their wedding in Atlanta, Georgia. “We didn’t have a first dance – but we had a lovely, intimate dinner filled with candlelight and flowers.”

They exchanged vows again on September 1.

They welcomed their first son, Usher Raymond V, last year.

Rowland Waited A Decade For New Boobs

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Kelly Rowland was forced to wait 10 years to have a boob job, after her mother scuppered her teenage plans to go under the knife.

The R&B beauty underwent breast enlargement surgery last year to boost her modest A-cup to a B-cup, because she was fed up with her clothes not fitting her properly.

And she claims that although she was initially upset at her mom’s refusal to let her have the procedure when she was 17, she’s glad she took her advice and waited a further few years before getting her dream curves.

She tells WENN, “It was something I’d been thinking about since I was 17 years old, and my mom looked at me like I was crazy. “She said, ‘Let your body finish developing’, and I did, and I remember I thought about it when I got a little older, when I was around 20/21. I went in for a consultation and I was nervous, I was scared, so I thought about it a little more. Then a year later, I was still not comfortable, and finally I felt comfortable and I had the time to do it.” But Rowland admits she was shocked by the media coverage of her breast implants – because she didn’t expect anyone to take notice of her more generous assets.

She adds, “It was something I didn’t really think that people would notice, but I guess it’s kinda noticeable! “But then, the thing is, I felt that I couldn’t lie, and I felt like I didn’t have to lie, because now it’s like going to get your teeth cleaned! It’s just as simple as that, and I don’t think that it’s something that should be a feature or headline for the story; I don’t think it’s worth that, it’s just a decision that I decided to make for myself, so I could fit my clothes better!”

Rihanna To Star In Drama Film

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Rihanna is setting her sights on a film career. The “Umbrella” hitmaker will be starring in the upcoming film “Mama Black Widow.”

The 20-year-old award-winning singer will play Carol, a troubled and tragic sister in a black household in the 1930s American south. The film is set to start shooting in the fall.

The film, which is based on a novel by Iceberg Slim, will be directed by Darren Grant. Mos Def, Brian J. White, and Kerry Washington are also said to be in the cast lineup.

This is not Rihanna’s first movie. She made her acting debut in a cameo role in 2006’s “Bring It On: All or Nothing.”

Kelly Fan Arrested For Disrupting Court

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R. Kelly’s trial for child pornography charges was briefly disrupted on Thursday when a fan snuck into the Chicago, Illinois courthouse and yelled at jurors to free the troubled singer.

The Bump N’ Grind hitmaker currently stands accused of videotaping himself having sex with a 13-year-old girl, and could face up to 15 years behind bars if he is found guilty.

But proceedings were briefly delayed when Debra Triplett managed to gain access to a freight elevator reserved for the jurors in the courthouse.

The woman then waited for the jury members to exit the elevator, at which point she began to shout “Free R. Kelly!” repeatedly, until she was arrested by police.

She was brought before Judge Vincent Gaughan – the judge presiding over Kelly’s case – who found her to be in contempt of court.

Gaughan set bail at $50,000 and Triplett is due back in court for a hearing on June 25th, reports MTV.com.

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