Goodbye Montel

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I’ve never liked the show or Montel, but after more than 17 years on the air motivating and supporting thousands of guests, I have to say my congrats. I’ve never met a black guy that cared for SOMEBODY else’s feeling other than himself. Haha, just a joke!

On May 23rd, 2008, the farewell episode of the Montel Show aired and guests were able to meet the entire Montel Show family, and celebrate the years of success that the show has been able to achieve. Among the many praises and thank yous that he was given, Montel was honored with a special poker table, snow board, and by New York Mayor Michael Blumberg the city proclaimed a “Montel Williams Show Day”.

Jay-Z vs Diddy-Smackdown at Cannes

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Hip hop stars Jay-Z and Diddy had a war of words backstage at a party thrown by the former at .

The spat began when Diddy apparently tried to steal the limelight from Jay-Z by taking over the duties of a DJ.

According to a source, “They had a huge long row backstage. Diddy wanted to get on stage to DJ and entertain the clubbers, but Jay-Z didn’t want Diddy to steal all the spotlight. Jay-Z was shouting at Diddy, saying, ‘No way man, no way.’ and Diddy was shouting back – it was a nightmare for the organisers. In the end, they agreed to both go on stage together and sing New York, New York.”

Jay-Z’s wife singer Beyonce was also present at the bash.

Usher news

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*Usher will be performing Friday on GMA’s Summer Concert Series, but he stopped by Times Square to talk about his new role as family man.

“Everybody knows what I used to be. Now, [I’m] a man of integrity,” he said, “To be a father — daddy — to my family [and] my wife is the most incredible thing ever.”

*Usher spoke with The Daily Mail (UK) newspaper last week and all but admitted that his album, Here I stand – which dropped today – will fail miserably

*Today Usher announces the debut of his new video podcast, Usher’s uCast, through his partnership with Wizzard Media (AMEX: WZE), the world’s leading podcasting network. This entertaining new series is produced by MyDiamond LLC and launches today, coinciding with the release of his brand new album, Here I Stand. Usher’s uCast can be found in Wizzard’s Featured Provider Channel in iTunes or on

The digital launch of uCast will include 10 initial video podcast episodes, providing uCast viewers around the world with behind the scenes access to the business of launching an album, producing a video, preparing for a tour, philanthropy, and more. Through Real Simple Syndication (RSS), the online delivery system utilized by podcasts, viewers both nationally and internationally can subscribe and watch uCast on computers, mp3 players and mobile devices.

Ray J thrown from hotel over marijuana and “Boat” drug

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Ray J, a hip hop artist famous for being Brandy’s brother and making a sex tape with Kim Kardashian, was evidently thrown out of the Hyatt in Washington, D.C. this weekend for drug possession.

After a night of partying, Ray J returned to his room on Saturday night when hotel security was called to the singer’s suite. There they found marijuana, weed paraphernalia and the club drug “Boat.”

His publicist is trying to spin it all, of course. Here’s their side: “The altercation did not directly affect Ray J — it was people in his entourage. But he did the gentlemanly thing and left the hotel anyway.” I’m sure he wasn’t doing any of the drugs either. Wink! Wink!

The Hyatt staff tells a completely different story. They say Ray J was loud and unruly. They not only had to call the cops, but Ray J’s security detail eventually dragged him out. From there, they checked into the crappy Holiday Inn just down the block.

At local stops, hip-hop just flops

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Kanye West was snubbed here twice. Beyonce played to more empty seats than occupied ones. And now Alicia Keys has joined the Cold Shoulder Club.

It’s sad but true: Tampa Bay is a brutal market for major R&B and hip-hop concerts. West, Beyonce and Keys are multiplatinum superstars that have fans of all ages, genders and races. I want them to come back. But do you?

On Saturday, the 27-year-old Keys — who’s had four consecutive No. 1 albums — played to 7,201 people in the St. Pete Times Forum, a Tampa venue that can seat about three times as many. The show was a dazzler, but it would have been better with a full house cheering her on. Tickets started at $39.50, a relatively good deal these days.

You could blame the recession, the price of gas, the price of life. But other major tours are doing great in the Tampa Bay area (Radiohead, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen). Plus this is a trend that tracks well before 2008.

In July, Beyonce played to a smattering of fans in the Times Forum, probably no more than 4,000. Final figures were never released, no surprise there. Minutes before the show — in a move I’ve never seen before — people in the upper levels were invited down to grab a seat in the lower level. Even more amazing? There weren’t enough people in the pricier seats to complain.

The last two times rapper West set up shop in Tampa Bay, a widespread case of couldn’t-care-less broke out. In October 2005, as he was selling out consecutive nights in Madison Square Garden, West drew a measly 3,572 in the USF Sun Dome, which has a capacity of about 10,000.

A few weeks ago, West came to Ford Amphitheatre with a hit-making supporting cast of Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco and N.E.R.D. They drew just 9,200, or about half of the venue’s capacity.

The very next night, at Miami’s American Airlines Arena, which holds 19,600, Kanye & Co. performed for a sold-out crowd, according to the Miami Herald.

Granted, we’re not Miami, and we’re definitely not New York. But something’s going on here.

DJ Trauma, an on-air personality at Wild 98.7, one of the few local stations that play West and Keys, says there are two major reasons why R&B and hip-hop shows are tanking. First of all, “They don’t have the proper promotions behind them,” he says. “They don’t know how to get the word out to the right people.” Much has been made of Tampa Bay’s dearth of urban radio choices, which could also be part of the problem.

But DJ Trauma also points to the success of Wild’s two annual hip-hop festivals: Wild Splash and the Last Damn Show, multiact events that cost about $20 and routinely draw huge crowds.

But “all these people around here don’t have $40 to spend on a concert,” he says. “There’s a lot of money in Miami and Dallas. This is different here.”

A few R&B and hip-hop acts do well here: Mariah Carey drew 16,493 fans to her 2006 Times Forum show. Gwen Stefani, whose biggest hits are hip-hop collaborations, drew 16,500 at the amphitheater last year. Not as good, but not awful, were crowds for a double-bill of Eminem and 50 Cent (13,593, Times Forum, 2005), and R&B belter Christina Aguilera (11,538, Times Forum, 2007).

Overall, Tampa Bay is considered a good, if unreliable, concert market. Country acts always fill the seats. Veteran performers (a la Neil Diamond, coming Oct. 24) are slam-dunks. And ’80s acts (such as Cheap Trick, Heart and Journey, a triple-bill coming July 30) are money in the bank, too. Those sales numbers are reflected in the local abundance of country and classic-rock radio stations.

But hip-hop shows? Not so much. And that’s too bad, especially since West, Keys and many more have made hip-hop the most creatively daring genre in popular music.

According to Billboard magazine, one of 2008’s hottest tours is the tandem of rapper Jay-Z and “queen of hip-hop soul” Mary J. Blige. Tickets start in the $30s, and nightly grosses in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Oakland have topped $1-million. There are no plans for Jay and Mary to come to Tampa. With our attendance records, why would they?

Lindsay’s Sex Tape?

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This is getting ridiculous.

Dina discovers a website claiming to have a Lindsay Lohan sex tape.

(click here) Here’s Lindsey’s mom discovering the video.

Mariah denies plastic weight loss surgery

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Singer Mariah Carey has blasted reports her newly slender figure is the result of plastic surgery, insisting her weight loss is down to diet and exercise.

Earlier this year, the R&B superstar unveiled a svelte new look when she began doing promotional work for her eleventh studio album, E=MC2, sparking speculation she had gone under the knife to lose a remarkable 14.5 kilograms.

But Mariah says, “I know the U.K. is freaking out that I had some crazy plastic surgery done, but honestly, it’s working out and diet. Look at what I’m eating right now: olives! It makes me upset that people think I’ve had surgery, ’cause let’s discuss how annoying the dieting process was. My girls will eat really good fried food, and I also love sweet plantain and rice and peas, but I can’t eat it! If I eat it, it’s small!”

Trina Launches Clothing Line and Website

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Rapper Trian recently launched her Pink Diamond Couture clothing line, along with an accompanying website –

The clothing line will consist of jeans, tops, t-shirts, velour sets and jackets, and will all show off the rapper’s signature logo.

“I have always imagined a clothing line that was high quality that I could offer to my fans,” said the rapper in a statement. “I love the way the jeans fit and feel. I spent a lot of time creating special details that are fresh and unique. The best part they look really expensive but are priced right.”

Trina’s last album, Still The Baddest, entered at the #1 spot on the “Billboard Rap Albums” and “Billboard Hip-Hop/R&B” charts.

Pink Diamond Couture is set to hit stores this spring.

Xzibit And Family Lose Infant Son To Lung Complications

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Less than a day after emcee Camo Tao died due to lung cancer, another tragedy has hurt the Hip Hop community. In the early hours of Monday May 26, emcee and actor Xzibit lost his infant son  Xavier from lung complications.

The veteran announced the news through a Myspace blog post, stating, “I am telling you this because of the same reason I tell you when I’m having great times, life is too short to be fake. Hold on to your kids, if you have them. Protect them and show them you love them everyday you wake up and see them. Don’t take a second you get to hug them, teach them and care for them for granted. You can have all the material wealth in the universe, but it is NOTHING compared to having your family.”

Xavier Joiner was born May 15, and from premature birth, displayed problems with inhaling oxygen. Xzibit added, “I am keeping faith that everything will work out fine. I tell you people, bringing a life into this world right now is a blessing for me. I have had time to focus and put A LOT of shit into perspective over the last few years. And at the end of the day, if you don’t have FAMILY around you … you don’t have shit.”

“X-to-the-Z” has not released an album since 2006’s Full Circle. Earlier this month, he appeared on Bishop Lamont’s “Be Cool”, reportedly a mixtape track. The rapper has recently been furthering his film career in the X-Files sequel, playing an FBI agent.

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