Jay-Z vs Diddy-Smackdown at Cannes

May 27, 2008 at 4:08 pm | Posted in diddy, jay z | 2 Comments
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Hip hop stars Jay-Z and Diddy had a war of words backstage at a party thrown by the former at .

The spat began when Diddy apparently tried to steal the limelight from Jay-Z by taking over the duties of a DJ.

According to a source, “They had a huge long row backstage. Diddy wanted to get on stage to DJ and entertain the clubbers, but Jay-Z didn’t want Diddy to steal all the spotlight. Jay-Z was shouting at Diddy, saying, ‘No way man, no way.’ and Diddy was shouting back – it was a nightmare for the organisers. In the end, they agreed to both go on stage together and sing New York, New York.”

Jay-Z’s wife singer Beyonce was also present at the bash.


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