Alicia Keys to Take On James Bond?

July 12, 2008 at 4:19 pm | Posted in Alicia Keys, amy winehouse, beyonce, leona lewis | 6 Comments
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Alicia Keys as a Bond Girl?

Not exactly.

But I just got word that the songbird is the top contender to sing the title song for the next James Bond flick, Quantum of Solace.

No official announcement has been made, but a source tells me, “I believe Alicia is the winner.”

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the highly coveted spot to belt one out for 007. A gaggle of artists reportedly submitted songs for consideration to producers of the 22nd Bond film, including Beyonce, Leona Lewis, Duran Duran, Jack White, Duffy and, most recently, Annie Lennox. 

Amy Winehouse was the first singer linked to the movie, but she apparently never finished recording her song with über-producer Mark Ronson. 

A rep for Keys declined to comment. A rep for the movie said there was “no info” available right now about a potential title song.

The flick, starring Daniel Craig as the silver screen’s most famous spy, is scheduled for a November release.


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  1. I really love Alicia’s performing. I can sing, too and I’m often told i look like her. keys, goodluck cause youre God’s gift to my life and my inspiration

  2. Alicia Keys is my hero. She is gorgeous. I am happy to see her wedding photo and she is just wonderful

  3. Alicia Keys wedding in the island of Corsica was lovely. She and her hubby looked amazing. Goodluck with your marriage and the baby. I love you Alicia

  4. Alicia Keys’s music fills our hearts with happiness. A new instrument to give voice to her song can only be welcomed by all that love Alicia’s amazing artistry.

  5. I have a collection of Alicia Keys’ album and I often watch her music videos at my home theater. It makes my day when I listen to her music.

  6. That would be nice. She is so pretty. I love her. Check out my Celebrity Blog.

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