Alicia Keys to Take On James Bond?

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Alicia Keys as a Bond Girl?

Not exactly.

But I just got word that the songbird is the top contender to sing the title song for the next James Bond flick, Quantum of Solace.

No official announcement has been made, but a source tells me, “I believe Alicia is the winner.”

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the highly coveted spot to belt one out for 007. A gaggle of artists reportedly submitted songs for consideration to producers of the 22nd Bond film, including Beyonce, Leona Lewis, Duran Duran, Jack White, Duffy and, most recently, Annie Lennox. 

Amy Winehouse was the first singer linked to the movie, but she apparently never finished recording her song with über-producer Mark Ronson. 

A rep for Keys declined to comment. A rep for the movie said there was “no info” available right now about a potential title song.

The flick, starring Daniel Craig as the silver screen’s most famous spy, is scheduled for a November release.

Amy Winehouse has emphysema

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Soul diva Amy Winehouse has damaged her lungs by smoking crack cocaine and cigarettes, her father said in an interview published Sunday.

The Sunday Mirror quoted Mitch Winehouse as saying that Amy has early stage emphysema and an irregular heartbeat, and has been warned that she will have to wear an oxygen mask unless she stops smoking drugs.

“The doctors have told her if she goes back to smoking drugs, it won’t just ruin her voice, it will kill her,” Mitch Winehouse was quoted as saying. “There are nodules around the chest and dark marks. She has 70 percent lung capacity.”

Winehouse, 24, collapsed at her north London home Monday after signing autographs for a group of fans and was taken to a London hospital for tests. She remained there all week.

She is still scheduled to sing at a concert in London on Friday celebrating the 90th birthday of Nelson Mandela, the South African Nobel Prize-winner, and plans to take part in the Glastonbury music festival the following day.

Mitch Winehouse said it would be good for his daughter to perform.

“When she’s been inactive work-wise then that’s when the problems really start. The doctors have said that medically there isn’t any reason why she can’t do Glastonbury,” the paper quoted him as saying.

He also pleaded with her drug-taking friends to stay away from her.

“What hope does she have if people are taking drugs around her,” he said.

Chris Goodman, spokesman for Amy Winehouse, said “If that’s what Mitch says, that’s what he says. It sounds right.”

Mitch Winehouse could not immediately be reached for comment.

Amy Winehouse warned for flirting in court

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Amy Winehouse has been warned for flirting in court.

The troubled singer, who was attending husband Blake Fielder-Civil’s pre-trial hearing for grievous bodily harm (GBH) and attempting to pervert the course of justice, mouthed words to Fielder-Civil for over an hour before being ordered to stop by officials.

Winehouse – who was wearing a short blue dress – was clearly seen silently saying “I love you” and was blowing kisses to her husband.

The 24-year-old star played with her hair and a silver chain around her neck and at one point patted the empty seat next to her and mouthed “come sit here next to me”, to Fielder-Civil.

When she was told to stop, she stood and declared “you’re fit” to Fielder-Civil before walking out of Snaresbrook Crown Court, East London. The hearing continued after she left.

As she left, Amy responded to inquires as to how her husband was looking by saying: “Gorgeous as f**k, haven’t you seen him?”

Fielder-Civil denies causing GBH with intent to pub landlord James King, of the White House, Risley Hall, Derbyshire, UK, and a further charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice. James Kennedy, 19, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK is also accused in the case.

Winehouse kicks out her lover Alex Haines

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Troubled Singer Amy Winehouse has fired the man she was reportedly dating, after he was allegedly caught taking drugs on camera. Rumours were rife that the Rehab star has broken off her marriage to jailed hubby Blake Fielder-Civil, and was having an affair with Alex Haines, her manager’s assistant.

However, the 24-year-old popstar has slammed all these rumours and has even cut all her ties with Haines. According to British newspaper the Daily Mirror, Haines was allegedly caught on camera smoking drugs, following which Winehouse’s management firm Metropolis confirmed that he is no longer an employee.

Alex was asked to resign. The last thing Amy needs hanging around her are more (drug) users. Alex was supposed to help her and he crossed the line. Alex was a good friend to Amy but he caused massive rows for her with Blake. He couldn’t stand hearing they were sleeping together,” Contactmusic quoted a source, as telling the Daily Mirror.

“We can confirm that Alex is no longer working for Metropolis or for Amy Winehouse,” said a spokesman for Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse’s alleged lover embroiled in drug scandal

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Amy Winehouse’s alleged lover has left her management team for taking drugs. Alex Haines, who has reportedly been romancing the troubled singer while her husband Blake Fielder-Civil is in prison on remand, is believed to have resigned after video footage emerged of him apparently smoking crack cocaine.
A source revealed to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “There’s no mistaking from looking at the film that he was taking drugs. It was a shock to everyone. “Metropolitan management asked him to resign. The last thing Amy needs hanging around her are more users. Alex was supposed to help her and he crossed the line. He had to go.”
A Metropolis spokesperson confirmed: “We can confirm that Alex Haines is no longer working for Metropolis or Amy Winehouse.” Reports emerged last month that the ‘Rehab’ singer was planning to divorce Blake, who is currently awaiting trial on charges of perverting the course of justice and grievous bodily harm (GBH), to start a new life with Alex.
Meanwhile, a team of locksmiths have been sent to Amy’s house to change her locks while she is out of the country, to ensure nobody can get in.

Knowles To Replace Winehouse For Bond Track?

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R&B star Beyonce Knowles has reportedly been approached to replace Amy Winehouse and record the theme song for the forthcoming Bond movie, Quantum of Solace.

Rehab hitmaker Winehouse was rumoured to have been dropped as the film’s official musical muse after DJ Mark Ronson told reporters he had scrapped his 007 collaboration with the singer, because she was not “ready” to work on music after a recent return to her erratic ways. But on Saturday, Winehouse confirmed that she has, in fact, completed the song – although she is unsure whether movie bosses will choose to green-light the track for use in the latest superspy offering.

Now industry insiders claim Knowles has become the favorite to record the title track – although her representatives have yet to comment on the rumors.

Amy Winehouse Claiming Ghosts Are “Haunting Her”

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Amy Winehouse fled her home last night, claiming ghosts were trying to harm her.

The troubled 24-year-old singer says a poltergeist – who she has named Henry – is haunting her North London flat and is trying to harm her.

She has even attributed scratches on her arms to ghost attacks and is now refusing to return to her abode until her home is exorcised. Amy is temporarily staying at the Chelsea Harbour hotel.

A friend of the ‘Back to Black’ singer told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “She has a spare room in her house which she has been to terrified to redecorate because she believes a child died there. It has creepy aeroplane wallpaper and a weird feel to it.”

“Amy is terrified because she thinks he’s managed to take over the entire house and has brought bad spirits with him that are scratching and harming her.”

This is the latest in a string of bizarre incidents for Amy. Earlier this week, three strange internet films of her and rock star Pete Doherty were released, including one where the pair played with baby mice.

Meanwhile, Glastonbury festival organizers yesterday confirmed Amy will perform this year in a slot on the main stage on June 28.

Winehouse denies plans for drug rehab in Israel

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Troubled star Amy Winehouse has dismissed reports that she will be traveling to Israel for drug addiction treatment.

The ‘Back to Black’ singer, who was recently photographed apparently smoking crack cocaine, was allegedly planning to undergo a 6,400 pounds operation to kick her well-documented habit.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, the treatment was to take place at the Barzilai Medical Centre following a request from the 24-year-old singer’s representatives.

Her management has dismissed the report as “nonsense”, however, Eliezer Cohen, the chairman of the Israel Anti-Drug Authority, told the newspaper: “They spoke to a renowned Israeli institution and an Israeli professor who conducts a very special and effective method.”

“She has requested to come to him to do this method, since it’s a method that is suitable for her,” the Telegraph quoted Cohen, as saying.

Patients undergoing the treatment are put under anaesthetic for up to six hours while doctors block the opioid receptors in the brain and nervous system in an attempt to prevent further cravings.

Dr Andre Waismann, who was reportedly to carry out the treatment, said: “All of my patients are discharged healthy and no longer dependent. There is a misunderstanding about drug addiction. People think it is a social and psychological problem, but it’s a neurological problem.

“Whether it’s Amy Winehouse or anyone else, it is a privilege to be able to treat anyone who is opiate-dependent, and allow them to live a normal life.” (ANI)

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