Mariah Carey Wants a Nursery Like J-Lo’s

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Mariah Carey and NIck Cannon have been married for about five minutes but when you’re 38, you ain’t got time to mess around. Mariah’s got babies on her mind!

It could be the influx of Hollywood pregnancies making Mariah baby crazy. After all, there’s Brangelina’s growing brood Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez.

And we all know by now how jealous Mariah is of J-Lo. Don’t get her started on the subject because she’ll get all snippy in your face and tell you she “just doesn’t know her.” But they have a long history. Mariah was reportedly upset when J-Lo became a recording artist under Sony, where Mariah was once the diva-extraordinaire.

But times change and people move on… Or maybe they just try keeping up. According to one source, “one of Carey’s assistants called L.A.’s chic baby boutique Petit Tresor to talk about preparing for a little roommate.”

Petit Tresor is the place that J-Lo went to in order to get her nursery in tip top shape. The source says, “Word is the Petit crew is sending pictures of the nursery they just finished for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s twins.”

What’s next for the copying diva? Wanting to have twins, too?

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