Usher: Still ‘Stand’Ing

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*It’s not rare that a superstar makes a few confessions to tantalize fans. But four years ago, pop star Usher did the same and the fans went ridiculously wild.

His 2004 disc “Confessions” gave up the super hit “Yeah,” which helped catapult the album to become a nine-time platinum-selling disc. Now, Usher preps his follow-up, “Here I Stand,” which hits shelves tomorrow, May 27.

“I’m really happy now that after four years I’m back on the scene and ready to do it all over again,” Usher told reporters.  “As you know, I like number ones.  I like touring.  I like wins.  I love W’s.  So I’m looking forward to that.”

Though he didn’t get last week’s needed “W” from his defending Eastern Conference Cleveland Cavaliers – of which he’s part owner, Usher is looking to score quite a few wins from the new disc. After all, it’s already fueled by the first single, “Love in This Club,” featuring Young Jeezy. The track has garnered hot success on radio and did the amazing and jumped from its Billboard Chart debut of #51 to #1 in the fastest time.

“We started with a very successful single,” Usher said. We made some history with it.”

Still, the hot lead track isn’t Usher’s favorite on the new project. He revealed that he’s quite proud of the interludes laced on the album. In particular, one dedicated to his new baby boy.

“I know it sounds cliché to say that all of [the songs] equally are my favorite, but my favorite thing that I did on this album are the interludes,” he said “It’s one cohesive effort to make an album; it takes, a chapter at a time to make a great book. But the greatest thing for me was the interludes. I did an interlude to my son that I call ‘Pray for You.’”

So proud, he calls the interlude one of his greatest written pieces of work.

“It’s really incredible,” he said.

Usher is no stranger to incredibility. Not only is he a platinum-selling artist, but he most recently launched a successful line of signature fragrances, actively heads up his own charity, the New Look Foundation. And don’t be surprised to see him on the big screen once again.

“I’m still trying to manage a way to bring both of them together,” he said about doing film again, though there is nothing in the works right now. “Maybe in a theatrical piece someday. But as long as I keep putting feelers like that out, I’m pretty sure somebody’s going to approach me. I really did enjoy my time on Broadway.  So it kind of spoiled me. I’m really looking for that musical or that song-and-dance piece that I could put together.”

Now with some very successful years under his belt and a new project, Usher has certainly matured on wax, but with all this, a number of outside projects, and a new marriage his sex appeal stock has risen quite a bit.

“I think that wisdom is sexy. I think that growth is sexy,” he said. “I think that confidence, which is growth, and being comfortable in your skin is all, sexy.”

Usher said that he really wants to make that perspective popular – that having wisdom is connected to being sexy.

“In time, you know, we grow older, we grow wiser, we grow smarter, we’re better.  And I feel like, I’m becoming more well seasoned, although I don’t have my salt-and-pepper hair.  I have that in life, and my life experiences speak to it.”

“Now, back on the scene and prepared to promote an album, there’s a big difference, because I’m balancing a few things,” he said. “One, you know, my personal life, and then, two my business responsibilities. So, you know, finding the balance is going to be hard, but I love it and I’m dedicated to making sure that this project is a success no matter what.”

Usher and wife Tameka

So all is quite well with the young star – including his marriage. Dousing rumors that he and his new wife, Tameka Foster, were separating, his camp said that they are not separating, contrary to media reports. The two married last August and already there are online news reports that Usher has filed for separation.

Usher’s manager Benny Medina told “It’s 100 percent not true. This rumor is completely false”

And according to, Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 midday radio jock Mz Shyneka said she spoke with Foster who said, “All my haters wish that on us but it’s not true at all. We are happy!”

So there you have it.

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Usher Files for Separation from Wife Tameka Foster!

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It’s OFFICIAL!! (tears)

According to reports, Usher has “officially” filed for separation from his wife of 9 months, Tameka Raymond. Sources allege that the rapper filed for the separation three weeks ago.

“Extremely reliable sources close to Mr. Raymond himself have confirmed to us that Usher has indeed filed for separation from his wife of only nine months Tameka Raymond,” claims “I’m told he actually filed three weeks ago. And Usher is torn on whether he will be making an official announcement or not as he wants to save face and just let it ‘leak’.”

The couple has one child together, a 5-month-old son named Usher Raymond V.

Honestly, I really wanted this marriage to work. They ‘seemed’ happy. A lot of people were against this marriage from the start. I bet if she were white/mixed/lighted skinned and younger, I don’t think this marriage would have been as controversial as it has been. I don’t see people complaining about Mariah and Nick.

Rep: Usher Split Rumor “Completely False”

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Usher and his wife Tameka Foster are not separating. reported Thursday that the R&B crooner had filed for separation from his wife of nine months.

“It’s 100% not true,” Usher’s manager Benny Medina tells

“Usher and Tameka are currently traveling in Europe together as a family on his promotional tour in support of his album Here I Stand, available May 27,” he added. “This rumor is completely false.”

The pair confirmed their August 2007 nuptials exclusively to

“It was beautiful and private,” Usher gushed to Us. of their wedding in Atlanta, Georgia. “We didn’t have a first dance – but we had a lovely, intimate dinner filled with candlelight and flowers.”

They exchanged vows again on September 1.

They welcomed their first son, Usher Raymond V, last year.

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