Lil Wayne tops the 1 million mark with first-week sales of ‘Tha Carter III’

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Like a superhero arriving in the nick of time, rapper Lil Wayne has swooped in to stem the tide, however briefly, of both the record business’ general slump and the steeper slide that rap music has suffered in recent years.

The New Orleans rhymer’s “Tha Carter III” has become the first album to top the 1 million sales mark during its first week in stores since 50 Cent’s “The Massacre” more than three years ago. It also is the first rap album to top the national sales chart since Jay-Z’s “American Gangster” held that spot in November.

“I’m sure there are people who thought we wouldn’t see a 1 million copy week again,” Geoff Mayfield, Billboard’s charts director, said Wednesday. “This doesn’t mean there isn’t trouble in the music business, but it does mean if you have the right record at the right time, it’s still possible.”

The fact that Lil Wayne, who is less a household name outside hip-hop circles than Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem or 50 Cent, managed to hit that threshold speaks to the groundswell of popularity he has generated through a string of singles and mix-tapes released over the Internet in the last year.

His single “Lollipop,” which he sang Monday at his release-week concert at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, is one of the year’s biggest hits. In recent weeks it has ridden high on both Billboard’s Hot 100, which measures radio airplay, physical and digital sales, and the magazine’s Hot Digital Tracks chart, indicating its popularity as a download.

“There had been a lot of anticipation building for the album,” Mayfield said. “It shipped 1.3 million copies, which is a number like the old days.”

It’s a dramatic step up for Lil Wayne, whose previous album, “Tha Carter II,” sold 238,000 copies during its first week in stores in 2005, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and peaked at No. 2 on the chart. The closest anyone has come to the 1 million sales week since 50 Cent was West, whose “Graduation” album logged a first-week figure of 957,000 last September.

50 Cent joins MTV for mogul search

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MTV has pacted with hip-hop star 50 Cent to search for the nation’s next street-smart business mogul. Untitled project is among the cabler’s next round of series greenlights, which also include “Buzzin’,” a comedic reality series that will chart the rise of music artist Shwayze; “Busted,” a half-hour that chronicles kids that break the law; and “Making the Rock Band,” a new take on Sean “Diddy” Combs’ music reality series. Then there’s the docu-series that follows T.I.’s community service and march toward jail.

50 Cent Associate Arrested For Assault On Woman

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Connecticut police arrested an associate of rapper 50 Cent on Tuesday May 27 for allegedly assaulting a woman.

According to News Day, police arrived at 50 Cent’s Farmington mansion yesterday and arrested 27-year-old Dwayne McKenzie after getting a call from the 22-year-old New Britain woman.

Police say McKenzie allegedly choked the woman and struck her with a belt after a violent argument.

He has been was charged with assault, strangulation, breach of peace and unlawful restraint.

This isn’t his first violent offense though. According to the paper, McKenzie was already on conditional discharge stemming from an arrest in Hartford for allegedly pistol-whipping a nightclub promoter. In 2007, he was arrested for allegedly discharging a weapon in public in Hartford following a dispute over jewelry.

In regard to Tuesday’s incident, he has been released after posting $10,000 bond and is due back in court July 15.

Rocsi, BET’s slut

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Just days after 50 Cent outed “106 & Park” host Rocsi on D.C. radio, his G-Unit cohorts have decided to jump in on the action too.

While doing their radio promo run for Terminate On Sight, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo called into Minnesota radio station B96, where host Peter Parker and the Unit members discussed the recent rumors of Rocsi being promiscuous.

The host chimed in first, claiming he had four names of people he’s heard the female TV personality had allegedly slept with, and then dropped hints so Banks and Yayo could guess.

“See, 50 know four people, and I know ‘allegedly’ four people. These are all industry dudes, they aren’t like regular guys,” said Parker on the air. “First, one was a one hit wonder from New York. The second one was an underground rapper who just got dropped from Atlantic [Records]. The other two were NBA players — ex-Celtics players. One’s still in the league and one’s retired.”

“You’re talking about Mims,” replied Yayo.

“The second one is Saigon, right?” asked Banks.

While Parker didn’t confirm the G-Unit rappers’ guesses, he continued by saying that his research proves 50’s claims about Rocsi.

“Allegedly, she spit on everybody that helped her get into the game,” said Parker. “I went back and did my research. I’m calling BET today, calling D.C. today, everybody, doing research like ‘Yo, did she really spit on you like that?’ And he was like ‘Yep, yea she did.'”

“That just tells you what kind of person she is,” Yayo said in response, further noting that she could end up being outed on G-Unit’s upcoming Terminate On Sight album. “She’s definitely a pop.”

Parker then ended the conversation saying that the “106 & Park” host’s career is through. “She’s a dust bunny man,” he said.

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