Rocsi, BET’s slut

May 24, 2008 at 5:11 pm | Posted in 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Rocsi | 8 Comments
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Just days after 50 Cent outed “106 & Park” host Rocsi on D.C. radio, his G-Unit cohorts have decided to jump in on the action too.

While doing their radio promo run for Terminate On Sight, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo called into Minnesota radio station B96, where host Peter Parker and the Unit members discussed the recent rumors of Rocsi being promiscuous.

The host chimed in first, claiming he had four names of people he’s heard the female TV personality had allegedly slept with, and then dropped hints so Banks and Yayo could guess.

“See, 50 know four people, and I know ‘allegedly’ four people. These are all industry dudes, they aren’t like regular guys,” said Parker on the air. “First, one was a one hit wonder from New York. The second one was an underground rapper who just got dropped from Atlantic [Records]. The other two were NBA players — ex-Celtics players. One’s still in the league and one’s retired.”

“You’re talking about Mims,” replied Yayo.

“The second one is Saigon, right?” asked Banks.

While Parker didn’t confirm the G-Unit rappers’ guesses, he continued by saying that his research proves 50’s claims about Rocsi.

“Allegedly, she spit on everybody that helped her get into the game,” said Parker. “I went back and did my research. I’m calling BET today, calling D.C. today, everybody, doing research like ‘Yo, did she really spit on you like that?’ And he was like ‘Yep, yea she did.'”

“That just tells you what kind of person she is,” Yayo said in response, further noting that she could end up being outed on G-Unit’s upcoming Terminate On Sight album. “She’s definitely a pop.”

Parker then ended the conversation saying that the “106 & Park” host’s career is through. “She’s a dust bunny man,” he said.

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